July 29, 2008

On drunken activities...

Once, while intoxicated, I confessed a crush through a text message. Not only did I want to die the next morning, but it left me contemplating how our generation is redefining drunken behavior.

You might hear someone in their mid to late twenties or older talking about drunk dialing, and although that makes sense and is indeed a common activity, a new form of truth telling by means of alcohol has emerged: drunk texting.

I’ve never thought well of texting. Even now, whilst sending 500+ texts a month (which compared to many people is rather minute), I see it as a modern ploy of the technology age to diminish conversation skills and monopolize proper grammar.

Drunk texting basically is drunk dialing, except with clear grammatical errors (on top of text lingo, which in and of itself annoys the shit out of me) and the ability to be retrieved, reviewed, and forwarded in a physical format. You can’t really implement the “he said, she said” damage control feature of social networking when people are reading words you actually typed. I can’t blame what my fingers typed on a bad connection and static…sadly.

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