October 3, 2008

In may go in, but it never comes out...

It is a biological necessity to shit.

However, I seem to have no faith in universal anatomy within a species, as I have convinced myself that certain people never have and never will poop.  On the list are: Oprah Winfrey, Amanda LePore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ghandi - just to name a few.

I simply doubt that they have a digestive tract at all; or that some of them even eat (excluding the big O - and I don't mean Overstock.com).  Until I see Miss Winfrey squatting on a white porcelain throne, straining, giving birth to the batch of cookies she "didn't eat" the day before, I cannot be convinced otherwise.

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  1. Wonderfully funny m'dear!
    Glad you have joined the blogging...er...not really a revolution, is it?
    Whatever. I'll keep reading!


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