October 8, 2008

Yeah, um, hold the cheese, please...

Nylon just published a dandy little article listing the best Mac and Cheese dishes across the country, from $95 to organic bunnies.

Not only does this beg the question, "Why?", but I doubt that the majority of adolescent fashionkids who read the magazine really attest to eating mac and cheese. I only say this because I saw a girl three days ago in a deli order a chicken provolone melt with no cheese or ranch, the whole time clutching a copy of Nylon.  

Not only was I surprised that anyone in Greenville, NC had even heard of the publication, but I was completely taken back by the fact that someone would be missing out on this horribly malnutritious (I just made up that word), yet undeniably delicious sandwich.

Of course I'm basing this on the insidious judgement that she was, in fact, bone thin because she wanted to look like Evan Rachel Wood (which is totally an old issue...).

NOTE: Obviously this film class does not capture my attention very well.

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