December 15, 2008

Celebrity pussies plot world domination...

[So, I obviously wrote this a while ago, when it was relevant.  I just found in on my computer, so I absolutely HAVE to post it.]

Brittany's pussy: Like, I'm so happy I can get some air...

Lindsay's pussy: I know, but girl you need some work done.

BP: What? Just because I'm wet, discolored and am getting split ends does not mean I need work done. Besides, I just had a major workout on the way to the club.

LP: Like oh my God, you're such a whore.

BP: No you're a whore! A CRACK WHORE! Haaahaaahaaa!

LP: Shut the fuck up, bitch. Those were not my pants, and I have been saved by Jesus because I went to rehab.

BP: I just saw your mug shot. You look like my mom's anus after my former husband was done cleaning it will a grill brush.

LP: At least I'm not stretched to the size of Rhode Island because I can't stop shitting children.

BP: Oh! Pause! Look at all the cameras! Hello! Hello! Do you feel that breeze! Oh God!! I've been suffocating between that bitches fat ass thighs.

LP: *drool* I think I'm intoxxxxxxxicated.

BP: We should hook up. I'm a slave for you. Your toxic.

LP: Let's dance....


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