January 27, 2009

Important affairs and what to wear to them...

Today I recieved an invitation to have lunch with the Chancellor of East Carolina University. As a student very much involved with the GLBT Student Union, I jumped at the idea - I love any sort of networking that will benefit me and anything I'm working with.  Plus, it's lunch... with the Chancellor.

Then I began to ponder... How on Earth was I invited to such a thing?  I made a few calls and found that the most likely answer was a recommendation from the GLBTSU's advisor, who is the VP of student living and openly gay (in fact, his favorite ice-breaker is the fact that when you type "ECU gay" into google he pops up).  Okay - cool beans so far.

So what the hell do I wear?  I actually considered (for about 1.3 seconds) wearing a manly shirt with jeans and a jacket - then came to my senses.  Just because I'm meeting the chancellor of a huge university doesn't mean I shouldn't be myself; in fact, it's the opposite.  Especially if the head of student housing has got my back.  

In conclusion, I'll be dining with the ECU's Chancellor in a blue satin dress and red leather pumps.  I can't wait.

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