March 3, 2009

At Krispy Kreme: HOT BLUNTS NOW

What if there were drive-through pot joints with signs vaguely resembling Krispy Kreme's, reading HOT BLUNTS NOW? Or what if you walked into whole foods and in the produce section saw ON SALE: ORGANIC PARSLEY, POTATOES & POT?

I just read this article about Tom Ammiano, a member of the California State Assembly, who introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana as a taxed produce. Marijuana is California's biggest cash crop, pulling in $14 billion annually. The tax would bring in a year's revenue of around $1.3 billion. At this point, some states need any source of income to pull themselves up out of the economic crisis.

That's great for California, but what about places like right here in North Carolina? According to, law enforcement seized 3,826.8 kgs marijuana last year. That's nothing compared to California's 217,626 kgs, or Arizona's 218,877 kgs. Clearly, states have vast differences in the number of marijuana users (or at least in those who get caught). I mean, cops seized ZERO kgs in Wyoming, New Hampshire and Idaho. Some states could benefit greatly from a policy like this, and some probably wouldn't even notice.

Of course, then there are the risks of drug use and the whole stigma of making a controlled substance legal. Although, if you ask me, if alcohol is legal, so should be pot. I'm not a Mary Jane user, but I still think it's an interesting idea.

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