March 6, 2009

Yes!, it's no!no!

While flipping through last months Vanity Fair, I saw this tiny feature:

Now, as the person who coined the phrase, "There are three things a girl needs: shoes, handbags, and hair removal," I had to investigate further.

It turns out, the no!no! uses thermal technology to crystalize hair folicles. That's pretty nifty. It removes hair and prevents a lot of regrowth over time (woo!). Of course, this begs the question, does it work?

Hopefully Vanity Fair would have investigated such a thing to an extent as not to advertise a product that actually sucks complete ass - or maybe no!no! just paid them enough.

Either way, I think I'm going to do the 30-day trial. Maybe then I'll fork out the $200 for it...

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