April 22, 2009

Cutting the cords...

I'm blogging from a computer lab, because my beloved MacBook has fallen victim to THIS:

How easy is it, exactly, to cleanly cut a computer cord?

Case in point: I came home this afternoon, about six hours after I last used my laptop, to find this in front of my desk...


...which looked perfectly normal until I picked it up to plug into my MacBook and... wait... where's the rest of it? Still on the floor?!?! Holy shit!!

Suspect one: DOG

My first suspicion, of course, was my canine roommate Daphne, who resides for the majority of the day in my room. Alone. Upon further inspection, however, I noticed there are absolutely no chew marks on the entire length of chord. Her big mouth tears, rips, shreds, DESTROYS completely everything it comes into contact with. The cord was cleanly cut. Too good of a job for Daphne. SUSPECT CLEARED


Suspect two: I HAVE NO IDEA

There is no other explanation for how this happened! Everyday I leave the cord in front of my desk, usually because I'm working on my computer sitting on my beanbag (pretty much on the floor in front of said desk).

I can't imagine my roommate randomly coming into my room, scissor-armed, ready for an awesome afternoon of cord cutting. Neither Daphne nor Thunder (roommate's Chihuahua) have opposable thumbs with which to grasp a cutting device.


I also don't know if my Apple protection plan will cover a new one (which is $80.00 out of pocket). Let's hope so.



    My roommate's dog chewed through my speaker wires, and it was a clean cut so you might want to re-think the dog suspects.

  2. DAMN!

    Perhaps you're right...

    I hate everything!!


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