May 2, 2009

Alcohol: the best and the worst...

Admittedly, I don't have the most experience with alcohol. In fact, seven times out of ten I can't even spell the word correctly.

The first time I got drunk was during my first semester of college. I didn't know what to expect, what to do, and in true honor student fashion, I finished all of my homework for the next two weeks the day before the party.

I showed up looking flawless, on an empty stomach, and ready for anything.

By the end of the night (and yes, I remember everything), I made out with two people at once, did the "Naomi Campbell Walk" down the majority of 1st street, and eventually fell asleep in my four-inch pumps and super-man underwear.

Tonight I'm at my potential-boo's (PB's) apartment, relishing in the drama between PB's best friend, northern girl, and her boy A and boy B. She is drunk off her ass; crying, vomiting, screaming, and at one point, accomplishing all three at once.

I hate to be an ass since I've only known these people for a few days (can we say awkard?), but THIS is why I don't drink very often.

The first time I vomited was at the NC Equality Conference. I received a great deal of information from the educational agenda, and that night I re-tasted the lunch I had pre-political activist workshops. I also became completely emotional; crying about how someone who becomes obliterated from drinking too much could, in no way, become an advocate of human rights (or at least, that's what I remember thinking).

In light of this, I am starting a project. This summer, I will discover my alcohol limit. Once found, I will (hopefully) be able to drink on a regular basis without the fear of becoming "that girl."

Going about this project will be tricky. First, I must identify the variables.

A) amount of food I eat before, during, and directly after drinking.
B) The type of alcohol I drink (some say alcohol is alcohol, yet some say Vodka is chill while Tequila fucks them over).
C) The amount of alcohol I drink.
D) The peer pressure involved (and no matter how middle school that sounds, it is an obvious factor, at any age).

Of course, this experiment will take place under controlled conditions (hopefully). Those conditions being: my own home, eliminating the need for travel; surrounded by trusting friends, who in the time of need will provided proper assistance (i.e. holding my head over the toilet or scraping me off the bottom of the stairs).

Hopefully I will actually go through with this, tweeting and blogging the whole time.

And I apologize in advance about the possible drunk tweets or blogs (like this one), because they will most likely lack cohesiveness and be complete babble.

Wish me luck!


  1. lol @ "The Naomi Campbell Walk"...did you snap for the kids, snap for the kids, snap for them suckas few times?

  2. OH MY... I'm so excited for you to learn your limit and share! The biggest piece of info I can give is to PACE yourself... no need to chug/slam shot after shot... That's what usually makes people puke their brains out because it hits them all at once. I've NEVER puked from drinking... I'm not a huge drinker or anything but yeah... I have a wooden leg too but um yeah haha... just pace yourself and remember that beer before liquor thang... beer before liquor never sicker or something, liquor before beer in the clear... GOOD LUCK :)


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