July 11, 2009

Beyonce and Gareth Pugh, again...

Beyonce's new "Sweet Dreams" video is her latest installment of Sasha Fierce amazingness. It's probably my least favorite of her SF videos thus far, but it's still fabulous non-the-less.

[And on a side note, I have NO idea why the other half of that video is the Backstreet Boys. Beyonce's official video has embedding disabled, so we'll just have to deal with the janky wannabe]

I'm especially fond of the inspiration she takes from the fashion world. She's done it before in her "Diva" video, where she was vision in Gareth Pugh SS09. It would seem that she's VERY fond of Gareth, since some sequences in "Sweet Dreams" (around 1:20) look almost identical to those in the video Gareth did with Ruth Hogben (below) for his Autmn/Winter 2009 collection (around 1:09).

I still love B - especially as a gold-plated robot with finger curls.

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