August 19, 2009


As of late, my life has made some great turns.

This year I'm president of the GLBT Student Union at East Carolina University. I do twice as much work as most part time jobs, but for no pay. But I get an office and feel all warm and happy inside! The plan is to cut my bus driving hours down and live off my financial aid refund.

My best friend, codename Zelda Champion and owner of the Cape Fear Piercing studio, is taking her business to new heights, with me in the passenger seat. I'm building her a website (...slowly) and started a blog.

Behind the Needle is going to be amazing. We're going to blog about everything from the body modification industry (piercing, tattoos, suspension, etc.), to fashion, to funny shit we find on YouTube, and everything that happens behind the scenes of a piercing studio.

With that beginning, and possibly a blog/website for the GLBTSU, I won't have time to keep up Bus Driver Fierce. But hey, now I have more interesting things to talk about. Plus I'm getting paid in Pepsi slushies, movie tickets, and nights out with my best friend.

So to my lovely readers, both of you, migrate over to BTN. You'll enjoy it.



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