October 20, 2009

name blogging...

When I named my blog last year, I didn't really think about life beyond bus driver (which turned out to be August of this year). And even though I may be picking up a few routes to fill in the financial gap, Bus Driver Fierce just doesn't feel right anymore.

So this begs the question: What the hell should I call my blog now?

It needs to be unique. It needs to be witty. It needs to interesting. It needs to be short.

It can be random. It can be odd. It can be politically incorrect.

It can't be trashy. It can't be copied. It can't be offensive. It can't be boring.

I've never really gone through a thought process of naming something besides my car, and that was easy, since my last car was big and black (Sashanana) and my present car is small and white (Rebecca). Bus Driver Fierce was born from a conversation between me and my best friend about Beyonce (who we were listening to) and drunk-bus vomiting (which I had witnessed the night before).

So... yeah. I don't know what I'm doing. I wrote down a few of my favorite things to see if that would help.

Teal, shoes, ranch dressing, ruffles, iced coffee, films, walking, music, sea life, my dog, sleep, my phone, food

sleeping shoe phone, iced ruffle dressing, walk my shoe, teal films walking, teal music dog, sea life sleeping

Clearly that didn't work, although I really want to call someone on a shoe phone. So I decided to put some of my favorite things into already-formed, hopefully recognizable phrases.

See Shoe Run, Teal Noise, Just Add Shoe, Tealneck, Ballyshoe, The Big Shoe in the Room, Three Shoes to the Wind. And I've always liked the phrase "mash the button", because anyone who says that is from Duplin County, North Carolina.

Shoes for thought.



  1. I LOVE mash the button! I am from Duplin County too! and we sure do say that a hell of a lot!

  2. Omg omg... Are you seriously from Duplin County?! That's insane. Most of my Mom's family is from Duplin County, and I'm from just around the corner in Wayne. Girl you came from the sticks! :)

  3. Reading your list of favorite things made me miss you (in not a weird way) and North Carolina (in a weird way.) And then you brought up button mashing and I almost went crazy. And mind you it's not easy to make me miss North Carolina (even in a weird way.)


  4. Fierceness From the Shoe Phone.

    Or, ____ from the shoe phone

    I've always loved a good shoe phone and I do love a good "fierce."


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