January 2, 2010

New year, new house, new appliances, no new shoes

I'm just going to say what everyone else has said about a billion times already - 2009 went by way too fast. I'm grateful for that, though. I can honestly say I had somewhat of a rough year. My grandfather was in the hospital for five months (now walking again), my parents split up (both are more happy), I had some complicated relations with co-workers and roommates (resolved), and I've never spent so many months broke (I've learned to budget... sort of).

So, in the spirit of New Years, I'm joining the resolution train.

#1 Eating smart

And by smart I mean not supporting a corrupt food industry that washes meat in ammonia to kill the e coli (no really, it's true). This includes: no meat, including eggs, or dairy products unless organic. Organic (or at least local) fruits and vegetables. Oh, and I'll have to cook instead of eating out all the time. Actually, I can't really eat out... ever. But not to worry! My grandmother armed me with an arsenal of broken-in cookware and a few stained cookbooks to get me started. We'll see how well I can work a stove the size of my car's glove box.

#2 Spending less

Do I want more clothes? Yes. Do I need more clothes? Debatable. The point is, instead of spending income (like my upcoming financial aid refund) on things that make me feel better, like these (and just to be clear, I'll never spend that much money on a pair of shoes), I'll spend it on things that will actually make me better - or at least make my life easier. For instance, a pot rack to hold my new kitchen toys, since I only have three cabinets, and an insulated rug to keep the living room warmer. Of course, a new pair or shoes may spring up at some point... but they'll be from Target instead of Nordstrom.

#3 Being active

I'm not talking exercise here. That will never happen. I mean walking five blocks instead of driving (which I've done once or twice when I was either desperately lazy or desperately late... or both). This will be easily accomplished giving the location of my new apartment, which is a block from campus and downtown. Oh, and my car won't start either. So that helps.

#4 Be productive

Do things. Make happen the endless parade of ideas in my head. Write them down, read them later, and then do them. Then blog about them...

#5 Create a sleeping cycle

I have horrible sleeping habits. For instance, today I woke up at 8:15 AM, took Daphne for a walk around downtown, and ran errands. Then I came home and went back to bed, to be woken around 1 PM by my landlord who came to fix my heating unit. Afterward, I started to clean, then fell asleep until around 9 PM. Life would be so much easier if I woke up at the same time every day. My new coffee maker will help, I hope.

I'm sure I'll come up with some more resolutions at some point. Or come up with last-minute replacements when these fail.

Until then, I'll be recording my cooking and walking (in heels) adventures.

Happy New Year


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