January 12, 2010

Why style matters...

Lately ("lately" being the past six months or so), I've been putting much more effort into my appearance ("effort" being showering, wearing nice outfits and trying hard to stick to a skin care routine). And while most people who leave their houses in sweat pants and bath robes say "I'm happy with my appearance" or "I don't have time for that" or "this is more comfortable", I'll never go back to wearing pajamas to class... or grocery shopping... or the movies... or - you get the point.

The point being that I honestly feel better about myself when I look nice. Getting a "good hair today" compliment makes up for the fact that I burned my toast this morning and ran out of organic homemade butter. Someone saying "love that skirt" replaces the emptiness I feel inside from not taking out the trash in time and knowing it will have to sit in my kitchenette for another week. A stranger from across the quad yelling "I LOVE THOSE SHOES" relieves the disappointment I feel because I cannot, for the life of me, stop drinking Pepsi slushies (I'm down to two a month).

There are other reasons too, of course. Like the fact that I feel and look awkward in men's clothing (baggy jeans, t-shirts, etc.). I just look like a homeless cousin it.

I'm also, on average, three four inches taller than nature intended, which keeps me on eye-level with the majority of the human race.

Oh, and because I realized that wearing... no, no... rocking a dress and heels takes ten times the man than the one giving me shit for it. Once that happened, I was pretty much like Seabiscit in the self-esteem derby. Looking nice gets me a blue ribbon every day.

Of course, there's always the days when I wake up ten minutes before class and barely have time to take Daphne for a poop around the yard before sprinting to class in last week's jeans and a free "Thanks For Volunteering!" shirt. Actually... forget I mentioned those days. You heard nothing. They don't exist.

A few people have asked me to take pictures of my daily outfits and post them, but I only remember that after I'm lying in my bed trying to go to sleep. I'll try harder, I promise.

Until next time, wash your hair and put on some cute shoes. You'll feel better. That's another promise.



  1. Well being a professional slob and comfy clothes wearer myself...I don't dress nicely because no matter how nice I dress, I still look terrible and rediculous. I feel like a douche when I wear nice clothes. BUT, when it comes to average looking people and you GOIGOUS folks, this whole dressing nicely thing makes sense :-p. I found this bit entertaining... KEEP ON WRITING PLEASE. I wish you'd youtube more but I guess it isn't for you :(

  2. I really would love for you to post a photo or two or three of you all dressed up.

    I get what it takes for you to look great and get compliments. I'd love to cheer you on!!


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