April 17, 2010

Life signs and summer shoes...

Last week, I was accepted into the film studies program at NC State University. I'm stoked, because I'll actually be studying something I've become very passionate about over the past few years. I think I've actually found a major I won't change two months in!

This means I have to move. I have to find a job. I have to find a place to live. I have to meet people. I have to learn how to navigate the freeways. Comparing all of these things to my present situation wasn't that bad, either. I hate moving, but I'd love to move out of Greenville. My job right now is boring and I don't have many hours. My apartment is okay, but the shower is too small and I never have enough hot water. I have many friends, but I wouldn't be sad if the majority of people in this town turned into piles of sand overnight. This town has no freeways...

That being said, yesterday I got a call from East Coast Music and Video. It's only to most awesome movie rental store and music shop EVER. I put in my application two months ago (the application was fun), hoping that if I got a job I would be able to handle living here for just one and half more years to finish school. Now, after actually making the decision to leave, they offer me a job. DAMN IT. DAMN IT. DAMN IT. Is this a sign? Should I stay here in my comfortable house with an amazing job in a crappy town?

I hate job searching. And apartment hunting. And meeting people. Or maybe I think I do, since doing those things in Greenville always ends with NO job (except when you're leaving, apparently), underwhelming living situations, and talking to idiots.

And on top of all this, I HATE THE SUMMER TIME. It's hard to year heels when you're sweating profusely and the air feels like I'm walking through hot and sour soup. I never feel like getting dressed in the summer time. I have to shave my legs for shorts (which are really just my jeans rolled up) and dresses, and I usually just end up wearing my one pair of gym shorts all week and pulling out all of my free t-shirts from campus activities. In short - SUMMER IS THE LEAST GLAMOROUS SEASON AND IT SUCKS.

Now I'm going to walk my dog, and watch my face melt off.


  1. This is a rhetorical question, right? You ARE going to move to go to film school so you can graduate and have a crappy life followed by an amazing life in which you are grateful for having toughed it out and moved and drove on freeways.

  2. You're completely right. No questions asked... or rhetorical questions unanswered.


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