May 9, 2010

hair situation...

So my hair is long. And brown. And kinda frizzy. And usually pulled back because after the awesome ten-minutes-out-of-the-shower volume and shine deflates and dulls out, I get really annoyed and bored with it. Plus it's ridiculously thick, which, in ninety-degrees fahrenheit, feels like I've shoved my head in an oven (a la The Virgin Suicides).

So in the spirit of all things new (new apartment, new city, new university, new people, new job, new shoe stores), I've decided to add another something new - a dramatic and different and spectacular and fabulous new hair style.

Isn't it strange how a new hair style can make you feel? It's like seeing the world in a new way, the world seeing you in a new way, too. Hopefully a good new way. And, with luck, if the change is dramatic enough (and honestly, why get a new cut if it isn't dramatic?), people you don't like won't recognize you and you won't have to make awkward eye contact or start an I'm-really-just-trying-to-be-nice-to-you conversation that will lead to vomiting five minutes later. So, with this in mind...

I want to go blond. Not just blond. But way blond. Like, blindingly platinum white blond. The kind of blond where anyone within twenty-five feet of me will need sunglasses with 100% UV protection and 75 SPF sunblock (I recommend Prada and Aveeno, respectively).

Also, kind of short. Not boy short.... well, maybe. But I don't want to be boyish. Or girlish. Neither obviously feminine nor masculine.

I want something that I can style on a regular basis without three cans of Aqua Net. I'll settle for using one at a time. Maybe one point five.

So far, this is my favorite prospect (minus the shaved sides):

And if not that short, maybe something like this:

Of course I will find some more fabulous dos to decide from. Or maybe I'll just walk into the salon and say, "surprise me."

We'll see.

*If you're wondering who this beautiful person the pictures is, his name is Phillipe Blond, of The Blonds, an utterly FABULOUS fashion design duo from NYC. By all means, look them up.


  1. YOU TOTALLY resemble that guy! Well, in those pictures anyways. I wasn't too sure what that color of hair would like with tan skin BUT it seems like it'd work out just fine. I can't wait to see the outcome. I recently chopped off all my hair because it was just too heavy and was wasting shampoo.

  2. I haven't even thought about how much shampoo and conditioner I'll save! Woop!

  3. I just went blonde for the first time and I really liked the experience overall (minus the obligatory negative feedback on facebook). If I'd known you had written this post I would have linked to it on my blog last night when I was talking about my hair siatuation! Please post pictures of what you decide to do, I'm so excited to see them! We'll have to discover together whether or not blondes really do have more fun. :)


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