December 27, 2010

The fun I had in 2010...

I hula hooped in February:

Then I visited my high school and played on the swings:

I was bored for a few months...

I moved to Raleigh and met Pandora Boxx:

We saw Lady Gaga in concert:

We visited New York City, where I now plan to live:

I met LadyFag with my fried Ivan while I was there:

And then I lost my phone:

Who knew there were raves in Raleigh?

I got a job at Whole Foods! We had a Halloween party, where I ninja chopped a drag queen from the cheese department:

And made one of the chefs my slave:

I cut my hair and turned it white:

I missed Thanksgiving, so Thanksgiving came to me:

Whole Foods also had an awesome Christmas party, where lots of kissing happened:

I surprised my best friend on Christmas Eve:

We made a gingerbread house and watched Queer as Folk all night:

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  1. I love your year in review! You did such fun things! I never realized Whole Foods had so many parties. Now I want a part time job there. Happy (almost) New Year to you!


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