January 18, 2011

Squeaky unclean...

Recently, as in five minutes ago, I fully accepted the fact that I am a messy person. Not dirty or filthy or unhealthily unclean, but messy. No table or chair or counter top in my apartment is without clutter, and my bedroom floor has never gone without a maze of dirty clothes.

I've always had a problem with my messiness because it makes me look and feel lazy. What am I too busy doing that I don't have time to wash dishes or vacuum or organize my hair products? How is the fact that all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy are now available on Netflix instant play a valid excuse for not cleaning?

I think it's because I just function better with clutter. That's how my mind works. My thoughts shoot in twenty different directions at the same time. My life isn't clean and simple and organized - no one's is - so why should my kitchen be that way? And would it be any fun it it was?

There's a certain joy I find in running out of clean shirts, finding one on my closet floor and throwing it in the dryer for ten minutes to get rid of the wrinkles and dusty smell. It reminds me not to take anything too seriously.

So, I will continue to only do laundry when I run out of underwear. I will continue to eat out just so I don't have to do dishes. I will continue to leave my nail clippers in a different place each time I use them because I thoroughly enjoy looking for them.

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  1. Me too! I totally have a bedroom floor covered in clothes that i have just thrown down after changing outfits like ten times. It's ok to be messy, i don't like dirt but a bit of clutter makes it feel like home :)

    Glad i stopped by you might like my blog...



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