May 8, 2011

How roommates happen...

A girl named Amy and I were working our normal shift at Whole Foods, crafting four turkey and cheese sandwiches for a middle-aged woman with a bad boob job and pumpkin colored skin. This is how the conversation went:

"What are you up to tomorrow?" I asked.

"I'm flying to New York for a graduate audition at CUNY," she said.

"Oh I love New York! I'm moving there is August if all goes well."

"Really?? Me too!! If I get in, of course."

"Holy crap! Do you wanna be roommates?"


She got in. Roommate had.

It's actually quite a big relief. The big city doesn't seem so scary if you have someone by your side. Sharing rent and splitting bills. Learning streets and subway lines. Missing trains to Manhattan and getting lost in Queens (because it's bound to happen...). I can at least breath a little bit now.

Oh, and she's over 25, so we can rent a Uhal. Woo!


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