June 13, 2011

10 and 2...

I used to like driving.

Case in point, I drove buses for a year. Yes, buses. Buses.

So, what happened?

Now every time I look at Rebecca (i.e. my white 1993 Honda Civic 4-door automatic with a missing front passenger floor mat), I resent her. It costs me forty dollars every three weeks to fuel her, and that's only if I drive a total of ten minutes to and from work everyday . If I go anywhere else she just guzzles down gas like my grandma with her homemade wine on a Sunday afternoon. I'm embarrassed to take her on the freeway because it takes her a full 120.5 seconds to reach 60 MPH. She also leaks oil from time to time. And I have to pay for air to keep her tires steady.

But, in North Carolina, you have to have a car. I enjoy walking, but the sidewalks here straight up end sometimes. Biking lanes are non existent and riding my bike in traffic is just fucking scary. The only public transit to speak of is a measly bus service that can literally take hours to transport you from place to place.

Yet another reason I'm looking forward to NYC. The sidewalks never end, the subway system is a city within itself, and the buses are frequent and widespread.

I'm also hoping that my butt will become much firmer once I'm forced to walk everywhere everyday all the time forever.


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  1. I would be glad to drive something that gets such good fuel mileage compared to my diesel guzzling 1 ton pickup! Of course gas is cheaper than diesel too!


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