August 20, 2011

The concrete kills my shoes...

Last October, I posted this little blurb about my first visit to New York City. I was so excited to stomp around town in my brand new platforms. And it was amazing. The shoes weren't quite broken in yet back then, so I was popping an Advil every few hours to keep my feet from swelling to the size a whale shark, and eventually switched to flats after two days of (FABULOUS) torture.

Fast forward (almost) a year, and, apart from my pillow-for-the-feet Toms, these Jeffrey Campbell Litas are my most worn-in shoes. I've walked across college campuses, down the sides of highways, beside lakes, through puddles, up and down countless stairs, on planes and trains, and even slept in them a few times when it was just too much to take them off.

And, to my surprise, they are in really good condition. I usually have to get a pair of shoes re-heeled within a year, obviously depending on how often I wear them and the style and size of the heel itself. These heels are chunky as hell, which means they are very supportive, provide better balance (I think I've only done a face-plant in them once!), and hold up better to the elements than stilettos. The only downside is that chunky heels are harder to repair and, therefore, cost more to get repaired. And, since the heel is such a (literally) big part of the shoe's design, getting them repaired could possibly fuck up the entire aesthetic of the shoe. For example, a lot of replacement tips are black, and if you don't go to a good repairman (which are hard to find these days, since most people buy cheap shoes and throw them out when they get worn down), they may not try to match the color of the heel. A black tip on a stiletto is common and forgivable (to an extent), but a black tip on this kind of heel would be very noticeable and fugly (actually, it might look pretty awesome on these, but that's not the point).

Now, I walk a lot. I mean, a lot, a lot. I do not have the funds (yet) for a private car service, or even regular cabs for that matter. This means walking to my destination from the nearest subway stop. And, late at night, it's faster to walk 37 blocks (like I did last night!) than wait upwards of 45 minutes for a train, only to wait another 45 minutes when you have transfer to another line. 37 blocks is a lot of walking. Especially when you've been dancing your ass off for the past four hours. Obviously this begs the question: OMG ARE YOUR SHOES OKAY?? Here are what my heels look like after 10.5 months of tough-love with the sidewalk:

I'll definitely need to get them repaired before the colder months, when I'll be wearing them even more often. But still, this isn't bad for a year. Not bad at all. Actually, it looks a lot worse zoomed it like that. It looks like a termite threw a Christmas-in-July party for all of his friends and started eating my soul sole when the potato salad ran out. I promise, though, they're still walkable.

They're kinda funny, these shoes. When I bought them last year they had just come out, and I never saw another pair in North Carolina - ever. These are insane for NC. Bonkers. Which is why I loved them so much. Not only did they make me six feet tall, they were a statement. And they still are, but here's the thing: I see them all the time in New York. There's a variation of this style in every storefront window. I can't go out at night without seeing at least four other pairs. This city is a Jeffrey Campbell orgy. And, while I was surprised (i.e. fucking pissed) at first, I'm totally okay with that. Power to the pumps! Let's start a J.C. (no not Jesus Christ, the other guy) Lolita club with bi-monthly meetings where we all meet and fondle each other['s] [shoes]! Starting Facebook group now!


POSTS COMING SOON: Shoe anatomy, shopping for shoe-repair, and more stuff that will help you look like less of a dummy.


  1. I am obsessed with shoes.

    My entire room can be trashed but my shoes are neatly displayed on shelves as they rightfully deserve.

    It's an addiction really. Food and rent or shoes? hmm...

    I can totally understand having pairs you love so much that you simply push through the pain because it's worth it when your legs look that good.

  2. I've seen these in a bunch of crazy prints this season! The only problem with that is it'll still be really hard for you to choose because you KNOW everyone is going to be trying to pick the weirdest one. Space print and cat tapestry will probably be the most popular, but for you I like the plaid or silver.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the galaxy printed ones! I think they're so amazing! But I agree that A) everyone and their mother is going to buy them, and B) the plain black works best for me. Plus I haven't the funds for a second pair anyway.


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