August 19, 2011

The everyday

In a perfect world this would be a go-to, everyday outfit. I would wear it to work, walking my dog, filing my taxes, and peeling oranges for a snack. Texture is my favorite aspect of clothing to play around with. Woven, wool, leather, sheer, metallic... it makes me happy.

In reality I cannot afford much of anything I've thrown together here. Save the ring from TopShop. Which, honestly, $25 for a plastic ring is less of a quality trade than $2,240 Rick Owens leather jacket. Nonetheless. I want it all.

The everyday

Rick Owens longsleeve shirt
$240 -
Rick Owens zipper jacket
$2,240 -
Short mini skirt
$396 -
Yves Saint Laurent platform heels
$919 -
Alexander Wang suede shoulder bag
£262 -
Alexander McQueen metal bangle
$504 -
Givenchy short necklace
$1,141 -
Lanvin facets jewelry
$895 -
TopShop black jewelry
$25 -
Dannijo spike ring
$245 -


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the wonderful comment that you left. You have a beautiful blog :)

  2. Thank you! I've discovered so much amazing music from your blog. I needed you in high school!


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