August 28, 2011

How to make vodcake and survive a hurricane...

Well, the worst of Irene is over.  New York City prepared for the worst, and we basically got a (large) cocktail thrown in our face.  North Carolina was hit much worse.  My friends and family are sending me pictures of the damage and it's pretty significant.  I hope you all stay safe while all the flood waters go down!

Here's what I did to occupy myself while New York City was completely shut down:

To prepare for a large storm, you will need a few things:
-Waterproof makeup
-Vodcake (or in my case, a ghetto version of whipped-cream vodka and party cake ice cream)
-Batteries for flashlights
-Batteries for vibrators
-A church/Chinatown fan

That's about it!  Details in the video.  Happy surviving!



  1. You ROCK! Hahaha awesome! Best emergency kit! xoxo

  2. Thanks Tina! This kit works for anyone in any situation involving anything. So, basically everyone should be eating vodcake and hoarding batteries at all times.

  3. Found you on 20sb and I have to say, that video is one of the funniest, most fabulous things I have seen in awhile. I've got to go make vodcake now!

    Hope the hurricane went well for you.

  4. Thank you lalalaAWESOME. Yes. Make it. Love it.

    And the hurricane was poo. Well, more like pee, I should say. Yes, the Irene peed on us. That was all.

  5. Definitely laughed out loud through the WHOLE thing. You're fucking hilarious. My favorite part was all the captions. Especially the ones that flashed so fast you could barely read them...almost like subliminal messaging! Except about condoms!

    Plus the vodka cake thing looks insanely delicious.

  6. I'm actually in love with you. To think, all this time all I've been doing with my mixer is making macarons!


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