August 26, 2011

Into the wild...

I've been OBSESSED with animal brooches lately. I love the way they add color and texture in a very interesting, almost narrative way. I've started window shopping on Etsy and Ebay, and I'm trying to find pieces that seem to have a story to tell. I love all the ones below, especially the tiny spider. She's fierce.

Clearly these are all exaggerated in size, but I kinda dig the idea of a HUGE ASS BIRD flapping around on my lapels. An inanimate bird made of metal and billions of diamonds, mind you. We don't need a repeat.

Also, once I collect enough of these glittering pets to open an accredited national park, feel free to refer to me as Dr. Dolittle. However, only in reference to the Hugh Lofting version, who was actually interesting. Not the stupid movie version, which is Eddie Murphy.

Into the wild

Into the wild by jasonsimone featuring longs jewelry

List of jewelry I used after the jump, and also at Polyvore.

Boudicca wool cape
$2,420 -
Dorothy Perkins peacock jewelry
£8.50 -
Pin jewelry
$44 -
Vintage crystal brooch
$29 -
Animal jewelry
$28 -
Cast of Vices longs jewelry
$220 -
Lanvin clear jewelry
$895 -
Animal jewelry
$28 -
Miss Selfridge antique gold jewelry
£8.50 -
AZ Collection green brooch
$153 -
Delfina Delettrez lip jewelry
$165 -
Briolette rhinestone jewelry
$20 -
Crystal jewelry
$85 -

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