October 10, 2011

I can't fly...

So, take a look at this photo:

This is my eye.  My left eye, I think.  But I can't be sure, because cameras are sneaky and are always mirroring images and fucking up my sense of direction.  In any case, this is a look I created one night a few months back while absolutely bored out of my mind.  See that perfect wing?  Yeah, I did that.  That was all me.  Except, this is just one eye.  I was playing around with some fancy new liquid liner I obtained from Rite Aid, so why waste it on both eyes only to take it off in five minutes?

Turns out I should have, because I needed the practice.  When I tried to recreate the look before going out one night, I spend over an hour putting on and wiping off the liner because I COULD NOT for the life of me get the angles symmetrical.  I also got a black eye from facepalming too much.

A few nights ago I found myself once again bored and playing with makeup.  I decided I would not leave my stool until I had become a sensei of winged liner.  I armed myself with a small angled brush, matte black eye shadow (as not to use up my expensive gel, cream, and liquid liners), an abundance of q-tips and a plethora of makeup remover.

Shenanigans ensued:



  1. Okay my favorite part was when you kept telling your eyebrow to stay down. I laughed aloud, and I shouldn't have, because my roommates have normal schedules where they work on Tuesday mornings and are definitely asleep right now.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that lower lashlines are not symmetrical. And that's it. The fuckers.

    As such I ignore them and just focus on the line.

    I admire your dedication!

  3. @Sam Did you wake them up? I hope so. And yes, my eyebrow is still twitching.

    @magpie Focus on the line, not the other line. Got it! I will continue to make waves of success through undying dedication!

  4. I read this post a while ago, but just came across this person's blog and video. Not sure if you watched this video...but she's pretty awesome. (she's a Hollywood make-up artist) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SogxssqpCS8#!


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