October 18, 2011

Icons: Beth Ditto

Can we take a moment to talk about Beth Ditto?  The answer in yes, we can.

Ditto on the cover of LOVE's premiere issue.

If you don't know who she is, we can't be friends.  She's the vocalist of one of my favorite bands, Gossip (formerly The Gossip - no, I don't know why they shortened it, just go with it), and has released her own EP.  Go buy or illegally download it immediately.  Here is the amazeballs video for her single I Wrote The Book:

Yes, this is now the song I do my makeup to everyday.

Why I love her:
  • She's a self-loving fat feminist
  • She has a genuine southern accent and doesn't try to hide it (like I've been doing since the third grade)
  • Her voice is insane
  • She doesn't let her size get in the way of amazing fashion
  • She sweats like I do
  • She is not afraid to be naked (like I am)
  • She's a proud lesbian and LGBT activist
  • She's designed her own clothing line
  • Etc.
She's become one of my style/life/self-loving icons, and conducting an interview with her in a pink bubble bath is going to the top of my life list.


  1. I love Gossip! And I really want Beth to make a full length album - whenever her EP ends, I get sad and think "It's over already??? There needs to be more!"

  2. I hope so too! She's stated her loyalty to the band, though, and said that they are only working on solo projects for a little while. Which I'm totally okay with. Gossip is the shiz.

  3. Yeah, I would be totally sad if Gossip broke up. But Beth's solo stuff is pretty kick ass too.

  4. Dance party central. Totally obsessed.


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