October 16, 2011

THAT, is a shoulder...

My fabulous friend Reuben, who is the assistant to the director of Armani Privé (I know, right!?), is beginning a grand adventure to create his own designs.  He asked me to help him fabricate a website and blog, create content, and be his muse.  After half a second of deep contemplation I said "WHAT?  HELLO!  YES!"

Not only is it great to have good friends who are creative and a joy to be around, it's amazing to see someone close to you follow their dreams.  Reuben is a fantastic stylist for Armani (HELLO!), and there's no doubt his keen eye and vast knowledge of trends will translate into amazing, handmade, original pieces of clothing (which will me make me look amazing).

One of the concepts Reuben is playing with is the refabrication of existing pieces - updating out-dated shapes and fabrics, tailoring to a custom fit, and enhancing shapes to create eye-catching silhouettes.  This is a great way to work when you're just starting out (cheap!), and, in my opinion, is a fantastic way to reduce waste by reusing readily-available materials.  We're upcycling!  Not to mention it's a great way to help future clients by re-working the clothes they may already have in their closet as opposed to spending tons of money starting from scratch (although that's fun too).  He found a decent blazer at an affordable thrift store and began the transformation by taking out the lining.  Now it's like a boring ball of clay, ready to be molded.

Today we met by the Pulitzer Fountain outside the Plaza Hotel, and with the last bit of daylight we did the first fitting.  Can we talk about how hilarious it was doing a fitting outside in the middle of the most tourist-populated area of the city?  We were also taking pictures of ourselves, which confused the passers by.  Oh, and my hair was about ten feet tall today, so that was quite a sight for them to see as well.

Yeah, a tad bit roomy.  But that is okay!  He was armed with many-a-pin!

Like I said earlier, Reuben is very interested in creating strong shapes.  How does he achieve this?  Shoulder pads!  No, seriously, MEGA shoulder pads.  Obviously the shoulder pad, after being lost for the better part of two decades, has returned over the past few years.  But have no fear - they are not the cereal-box silhouettes of the 80's, but rather more structural, sophisticated shapes that create amazing visual interest.  They also make you feel like The Hulk.

Just so ya know, in the picture below I'm actually holding my shoulders completely level.  That, lovelies, is a shoulder.  I like this photo because (besides the fact I'm making the best face in the world) you can really see the difference between the shoulders.  The padded side is (obviously) lifted and has a strong, defined edge.  It makes my natural shoulder look like a limp noodle that fell off the lo mein cart.  I can't wait until they're covered in sequins, metal, and tulle (yes - that's where all this is headed).

And, finally, all pinned up:

Notice: The line created from one shoulder to the
other is slightly curved, as opposed to
straight across, making the shape more
structural and modern.  It will become
more tailored as the reconstruction begins.  

Clearly this is just the beginning stages and we're gonna have to have about thirty eight more fittings before the jacket will fit me perfectly.  And obviously when it's finished, complete with boatloads of beading and different textures and overall BLING, it will be, in a word, major.


PS - You'll be the first to know when we launch his blog/website/thing.


  1. This is awesome! And, given the amount and prevalence of fashion/topical bloggers today, I doubt people were really thinking you were weird, especially in the city.

  2. Tourists have no idea what going on though. To put this in perspective, 50 feet away there was a man in a smurf costume. I'm pretty sure they thought we were doing performance art.


    And that jacket looks fabulous on you. I can't wait to see it all finished up!!


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