November 21, 2011


I'm still breathing.  I promise.  I've forgotten how having a job means you have to, you know, work and stuff.  It's awful, but amazeballs at the same time.  I'm am, girlfriend.

To make your life more complete, here are some things I'm obsessed with:

Pre-ordered these like five months ago when I still had money to my name.
Just got them in the mail.  And yes, they're walkable.


  1. I have been seeing those shoes around and in my favorite place, Urban Outfitters, and I want them so bad!

  2. I especially love that new Florence and the Machine song.

  3. God I love Shake it Out, although I recently became terribly depressed upon discovering that Florence Welch and her mountains of talent are a full year younger than I am.
    I'm starting to suspect my fabulous music career may have passed me by.


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