November 8, 2011

Cliche sunsets...

Sunsets are always something special to witness.  I know it's totally cliche and insanely mushy, but it's a great feeling to stop whatever you happen be doing and look across the horizon, taking it all in.

After a LUSH workshop yesterday, near the World Trade Center, my new BFF Emme and I took a little walk through Battery Park.  We sat down on a bench, dished about life, and tried to memorize all the holiday bath bombs in time for our first shifts in the shop.  Would it be too cheesy to say that the sky was burning?  I'M GOING TO SAY IT ANYWAY.  The sky was burning orange and red with such intensity that the line of the horizon disappeared, and Lady Liberty was dancing in an amber haze.

Camera phones can never do such moments justice, but Emme tried:

It is necessary to note that the colors in this photo are quite muted.  Please do not be disappointed about all my "burning sky" hype.  Okay, fine, disappointment allowed.  You had to be there to get it.

Next item on my "bored day to-do list": ride the Saten Island Ferry (because it's free, you get great views of the city, and you don't actually have to get off at Saten Island.  Which is good, because Mob Wives has me fucking terrified).  And yes, I'll get a better picture of the next cliche, amazeballs, NYC sunset.


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