November 10, 2011

I'm a real blog now!!

Okay ya'll.  This blog is officially official.  You can now go to the only-sort-of-long "" instead of the unnecessarily-long (TWSS!) ""  I know, you're life is complete now.  How many children did I have to sacrifice to make this happen?  Then dollars worth.  You're welcome.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure why I haven't done this before now.  It's definitely more professional (as if, you know, that really matters), and it's fun to have a domain name that is all mine.  MINE.  No on else's!  In 50 years some sad fool will try to create a blog called "The Concrete Loves My Shoes" and the universe will say, "HA!  Nice try.  Maybe you should be a little more original next time."

To be even more honest, I thought it would be a lot harder and a lot more expensive.  It took five minutes and costs eighty-three cents per month.  Conclusion?  It's only slightly more expensive than Ramen.  That's about two meals a month I'll have to sacrifice so that you don't have to type eight more letters in the URL field than you need too.  You can thank me by sending me some Ramen in the mail.  Oriental flavor, please.  She's my fav.


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