November 14, 2011

My life, my love!

So, I've basically been crying my eyes out for the past hour because I was rambling through the files on my computer in a vain attempt to find an old resume (yeah, I'm back to job hunting, because twenty hours a week working retail in NYC leads to eating ketchup packs for dinner, so I'll be going from unemployed to funemployed to part-time job to thirteen part-time jobs), and I came across these:

Oh Daphne, how I miss your smile and expressive eyes, which I can never look into without screaming "AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and giving you a big cheesy hug.  I embarrass you, I know.  And I don't care!

Oh, and don't worry, she is still coming to live with me in the big city once I'm firmly planted and can afford her.  For the time being she's still on holiday in the country, which she loves.

It's kind of funny how much I miss her.  When I first adopted Daphne she cowered away from everything within seven feet of her, would growl at other dogs, and sometimes wouldn't even let me touch her.  All of that anxiety turned into love, though, and now she's the best dog in the world.  Except, she hates being separated from whoever happens to be caring for her.  She used to cry and bark for hours on end when I would leave.  She would eat through cables, tear apart bathrooms, and chewed a few shoes.  Her anxiety has since eased dramatically, and she's very well crate trained.  But now I'm the one crying when she's not around.  And I may or may not have chewed a pillow to ease the pain of separation.

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