January 13, 2012

Friend from the Nile...

My slight obsession with animal jewelry that began a few months ago has yet to dissipate.  In fact, it's just beginning to come to fruition now that I'm not scavenging coins to pay for cans of beans.  The latest addition to my collection (and by "collection" I mean two pieces) I actually bought before the holidays.  My friend Rueben and I were wandering around the fashion district, digging through trimming stores trying to find the perfect buttons for a jacket he was making.  It started pouring down rain, so we ducked into one of those those cheap (and obscenely tacky) jewelry shops that sell bejeweled portraits of Snookie and have a full range of tiaras for brides.

I almost died when I saw an entire glass case of animal rings and necklaces.  It was a zoo of shimmering lions and octopi, and I briefly considered passing out.  The prices were affordable (yet overpriced for the quality), but even so, I could only manage to fork out enough cash for one piece.  I thew the ten dollar bill I got from an ATM for dinner across the counter and walked out with this GLORIOUS crocodile ring.

It's the epitome of the king of jewelry I want to collect.  It's over-sized, dazzling, and strange.  I don't want tiny pink butterfly pins or dolphin earrings - I want a cicada the size of my hand, and a shrimp that could eat my face off.  Obviously anything by the amazing Hanna Bernhard is a bit out of my price range, but there are loads of pieces I'm watching (and saving for) on eBay.

I find the juxtaposition of elegance and strangeness very appealing.  Crocodiles, squids, beetles, spiders, salamanders, dragons - the slimy, the clawed, and the crawling, all cast in silver (or rather..."silver") and set with onyx eyes.  The best thing about jewelry is that is doesn't have to be real.  In fact, I tend to loose things, or destroy them, so it's better for me to hoard lots of fake, costume pieces than spend a fortune on something that is a hundred times the price with the same visual effect.  Now don't get me wrong... once I start to make a decent living and/or find a sugar daddy, I'll definitely be making some investments.  Till then, peekaboo.



  1. Oh my! Finally someone who shares my love for animal jewelry. My love goes way back to high school where I was known for my variety of animal necklaces. I have a giant owl necklace ( LOVE!) and tons with birds and some rings with elephants and fish. I love animals jewelry I am so glad we share this adoration.

  2. SO COOL! It's elegant and graceful, but at the same time...it's a fucking CROCODILE. I love it!!!

    I have a couple things myself, including the coolest little elephant ring, and a very unusual, not-at-all-cliché butterfly ring I bought to go with my butterfly-themed Lady Gaga concert outfit.

    I should show you some pics. It was all pretty awesome.


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