January 17, 2012

Then and Now, Pt. 2

Sometimes it's hard to believe how much I've changed.  And how much I haven't.

I grew taller and my eyes went from the grayest of blues to the greenest of greens, but I still spend most of my lazy-days at home without any clothes on.  My hair grew longer and my skin got spots, but I still use my mom's hair dryer and often steal her lipstick, just to be like her.

My taste buds became hyper sensitive and are now calming down again, but I still hate almost every vegetable on the salad bar.  My favorite music evolved from classical to Queen to Beth Ditto, but I still hum Moonlight Sonata while I'm tying my shoes.

I'm much better with words than I used to be, 
but my eyes still do all the talking.

I'm less impulsive and think more before I act, but I still instinctively stick my tongue out and bite my lip to help me concentrate.  No sticks nor stones have broken my bones in a really long time, but words can still sneak in and make me hurt all over.

"People never change" is perhaps the dumbest statement that has ever existed since mankind began to grunt at each other in specific, meaningful ways.  We have to change.  Our brains evolve.  Even if you still live in the house you were born in, like my grandma, most things are not the same.  Plumbing, for one thing.  Waiting longer and longer each year to put your Christmas tree, for another.  There will always be pieces of you that are constants; but to find the answers we seek in life, there must be variables to balance the equation.

In the near and distant future, I hope to change even more.  I hope to be consistent, and see pieces of me from as far back as I can remember, but never the same.  Never, ever the same.


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