February 13, 2012

Bloggers Night Out, NYFW 2012

Thanks entirely to Lydia Hudgens, I was able to attend Bloggers Night Out last week, their second event during NYFW!  The Caulfield was oozing with friendly people, amazing clothes, lots of bling, never-ending drinks, and super-high energy.

The (INSANELY HOT) bar man was pouring deadly (and free!) cosmopolitans made with Yazi ginger-flavored vodka.  And holy shitballs, ya'll, it was good.  Not vodcake good, but pretty awesome nonetheless.  I may have had a few too many.  Okay fine, even my turban had a buzz.  But that's okay, because I was able to break through my Great Wall of Shyness (which is visible from space) and met an arsenal of fantastic bloggers and marketing mavens!

Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely.  Note, the hair.
The list below comes from my little collection of bizz cards I managed to scrape from the bottom of my bag (lesson learned - getting a card holder!), but doesn't come close to the number of wonderful people I mingled with.  That said, visit all of these ladies immediately:

  • Small Girls PR - I met the super-sweet Mallory portion of this dynamic duo, and once my hangover had worn off and I got a chance to visit their page, I may have shit my pants.  They work with some amazing clients and have an adorable blog.
  • 24 Blogazine - I ran into Vanessa on her way out to another blogging event (because she's amazing and popular and super in the know about the workings of the universe), and we had a pow wow about my turban.  She may have even Instagramed a photo.  
  • A Haute Mess - Niki basically has the best blog name of all time.  And I almost punched her out so that stealing her bag would be a bit easier, but the free cocktails were ending at 9 so I had to make a rush for the bar and didn't have time.
  • reid.damnit - Kelly is adorable, and makes super chic bags in Brooklyn.  Also, THIS IS GENIUS.
  • In Pirate We Trust - Super-cool Ursula has some amazing jewelry on her site.  Case in point, everything in the Autumn/Winter 11.  Clearly we have a similar obsession with hardware
  • Consider Me Lovely - I accosted Rocquelle when I saw her amazing hair/bow/general fabulousness (photo up top!) and for that I apologize, girl!  She and her blog are, quite indeed, lovely.
  • Beauty Unbiased - Heather is an absolute DOLL, and so freakin' pretty it hurts.  I mean...!!  She was there with an equally lovely friend, whose info I've lost and name I've forgotten (because I'm just that good at networking), so please get in contact with me if you can!
  • Sidewalk Catwalks - Naina may be too cool to be an actual person.  Also, her shirt and shoes matched my turban.  #twogoldasspeasinagoldasspod
I spent a good portion of the night dripping in gems.  Proof:

Sorrelli - Carnival, part of the Avant Garde collection
HELLO!  I'm surprised the Sorrelli girls didn't tackle me when I accidentally (no really!) walked away from their tables with the City Lights necklace still on my neck.  I didn't even realize I was stealing $1,600 worth of incredible jewelry until someone gasped and said, "Oh my god I love your necklace!!"  I had an mild aneurism and ran back to their booth, where they were waiting and laughing.  Everyone on their team was incredibly engaging and didn't seem to mind my babbling drunkard behavior.  In fact, Lily, the founder's daughter who designed the entire MiMi collection, put even more jewelry on me and let me walk around as a living display.

I have fallen in love with this family-owned and operated business, and plan to sell my organs next week so that I can invest in a few pieces.  Actually, I can probably get away with just auctioning off a kidney, since everything, even the Avant Garde collections, are so remarkably affordable (as far as original, handmade jewelry is concerned).

Natalie's gonna give up her liver for the Aquatic collection:

Nat, aka The Dermis Nerd, wearing Aquatic
THEREFORE, visit the Sorrelli shop online.  The MiMi collection oozes a fantastic, wearable, West-Coast grunge aesthetic (if there is such a thing), with a mix of textured metals and structural shapes.  I'll be rocking a few of the necklaces on the daily once I get my hands on some.  Obviously the Avant Garde pieces are absolutely bananas, too.

To change the subject entirely, I was quite surprised at the lack of boy bloggers at the event.  This has nothing to do with BNO's organization or planning, but with the actual lack of men in the blogosphere.  There are loads of men in the world, especially in fashion, so why is the male to female ratio so unbalanced online?  I only saw three other guys with blogs (well, I only confirmed one as a blogger - the other two were wearing amazing bow ties but didn't give me any info, so I can only assume they post pictures of themselves online like the rest of us).  Encourage your boy toys to blog!

Thank you, Blogger Night Out, for a fantastic event!  Here's looking forward to the next one!



  1. If you don't stop being so beautiful and having such a fucking cool life, I'm going to be jealous of you.

    No wait...I think...yep. It's already too late. I'm totes jealous.

  2. Oh man! I want all of those shiny things!!

    nd Iw ant to be at Fashion Week, now!

  3. @Sam Don't be, because sometimes I think of your life in quaint little Portland and it makes me want pack everything up and transfer coasts.

    @Penny Fashion Week is a little bit ridiculous. And I love it! It was a blogging event, so we were all fashion/blog/internet nerds. This is the only FW thingy I'll be able to go to, though. Wah wah waaaaahhhhhhhhh.

  4. I think I DID give up my liver that night.



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