February 9, 2012

When in doubt, put underwear on your head - Mon Vogue #4

With all the tales of how beastly last year's winter was here in the city, I've been thoroughly UNIMPRESSED and completely UNDERWHELMED at this North Carolina-esque weather.

I. Want. Snow.

That being said, it has gotten pretty cold.  There have been a few days when the high didn't even make it over 20° F, which happens to be the point at which my scalp and ears decide to jump ship, freeze, fall off, and die.  So, I had to be creative, and it turned out pretty well (and yes, I may just be fooling myself, and that's okay, too.  Let it be.).

How to make a turban out of leggings or tights or pretty much any long-legged undergarment you can find:

Now, I thought I was special and super innovative and had made this up all by myself.  Then I Googled it and found the most fabulous woman ever doing the same thing.  I felt slightly less giddy, but also ecstatic with the hope I'll be this amazing when I grow up:



Speak your mind! *muah*