March 24, 2012

Audrey Grace Pop-up Boutique Launch

Thanks to the Small Girls (*muah*), I was invited to the Audrey Grace Pop-up Boutique commencement soirée at The Highline Loft.  Cuteness abounded.

The pop-up shop, living up to its namesake, can only be described as a night out with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, having dinner with The Virgin Suicides and floating through Oz in a big pink bubble.

Thanks for holding that, Natalie.

There was a lot of exquisite detail in the clothing, which begged for my camera's macro setting.

The artwork was fantastic. Hand-drawn best dressed lists featuring Michelle Williams and Alexa Chung? I say yes, YES, a thousand times, yes. There were also some fabulous photographs and watercolor paintings.

Also, this poncho happened:

This bag was sitting in a corner.  I named her Baby.

Fantastical headbands stole my heart.

The end of the night was a slight blur since the wine was provided (in abundance) by Penfolds and I may have taken slight advantage of its easy accessibility.

It was a wonderland and I had a dreamy time!  The pop-up shop will be open daily from 11AM-8PM at The Highline Loft 5th Floor, 508 W 26th St, through March 28th.

Go.  Now.  That is all.



  1. That is all SO cool. The first dress is my favorite.

    I'm slightly jelly. Also, I would definitely go if I were closer than 740 miles away.

  2. All that can only be described as ... orgasmic!

    Why do you have such a glamorous life?

  3. Hey! Visiting your blog after such a long time. I agree with penny lane. Why do you have such a glamorous life??? Lovely post :)


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