May 11, 2012

Lion King Lapels

This post is best read with this epic win playing in the background:

Last summer I shared with you my slight obsession with animal jewelry.

If you think things like diamond-studded squirrel sculptures the size of Montana perched atop your head are tacky and were hoping this mania was at least a little fictitious, I'm happy to say you are about to be disappointed.

Behold my ever growing collection of metal beasts:

I think I've finally put my non-manicured finger on why I love animal jewelry so much: it's all about juxtaposition (and just so you know, I fucking love some crazy juxtaposition).  Metal feels so industrial and hard - the very opposite of nature.  Usually when they clash it's not a pretty sight, but these creatures ravish beauty.

They're also not just static pieces of rhinestones (like some people I know); they're characters.  They have expressions and stories and names - all of which I made up, of course, but Fernando (above) doesn't mind.

My favorites are the bugs and slimy things - the ones we (well, some of us) would run from or squash in real life.  They resinate beauty, yet make your skin crawl at the same time.

If you ever feel like going to the zoo, let me know.  I'll need a minute or two to put all of these back on my jacket.



  1. All those pins are so awesome !

  2. Holy shit! Never have I ever been so jealous of lapels! Absolutely love them!

  3. I love your animal jewellery.

    You are my favourite androgeneticist! I feel guilty because I don't like the others as much anymore because they don't compare haha x


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