October 22, 2012

Operation Muffin sTop

In an attempt to become a healthy human being, I've decided to chronicle my vain attempts at exercise for your viewing pleasure.  Here in episode one I attempt to be an average yogi.  As a result, I can now classify myself as joke, and look forward to making it through the next video (hopefully) without falling.

Also, I'm calling this ongoing project Operation Muffin sTop, because you can't deny how clever that is.  And if you do, you are a liar.  And because Quentin really likes air time.

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  1. If you can get into a routine with this it may be inspirational to people like me... at 6'2" I only look like I have a bit of a belly... but I am 3 stone overweight. (not sure what that is in Kg).
    all the best =)

  2. I dreamed of you once more after watching the video - I'd say stop stalking my dreams but I actually enjoy it. O_o
    This time we were special secret agents following around the bad guys in a gym while beeing seriously drunk. In the end we jumped off some skyscrapers like in some kind of matrix oldscool eastern crossover.

    Anyways, yoga needs a little patience, just stick with it. And meanwhile don't break your nose while trying the crow pose (something I learned the hard way, fortunately I used the old pillow trick and just ended up with a little bump instead of a broken nose). ;D

  3. I have the same problem with a sedentary lifestyle and a terrible diet. Let's get on the wagon together!

  4. You know ....i think i love you.
    *found you via IFB, SO GLAD!*


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