February 12, 2013


It's a new year, a new beginning... you know, that whole sack a' bananas.  I've never been one for New Year's resolutions because having more than one short term goal gives me intense virtigo and I end up falling over in the shower (because the shower is my thinking space).

One goal in particular (which is in no way a "resolution" - it just happened to begin at midnight on January 1st, 2013) is to become one with my hair.  Or at least get to know him.  Or at at least be good acquaintances.  OKAY FINE I introduced myself a few months ago and his ends promptly split... so we have some work to do.

My hair and I have alway been distant, separated by religious differences and an overenthusiastic scalp.  My shower has seen every organic-sulfate-free-paraben-free-hydrating-fruit-filled shampoo ever made, and once, in complete desperation, I mushed a very ripe avocado into my epidermis (which didn't do much, but I had some decent guacamole afterwards).  Defeated, with my Mane n' Tail between my legs, I went back to the tried-and-true method of Head & Shoulders every other day.

Benefits of such a routine include: no imaginary weave patting, that super clean feeling, and the ability to wear black.  Drawbacks: the daily removal of oil put my scalp into a very bad mood.  He developed an addiction to my cheap bath salts shampoo, becoming deranged and resembling a homeless beard a mere twelve hours after being thoroughly scrubbed.  The worst part was realizing I was the enabler - the one buying him the crack.

About three weeks ago I invited our closest friends and family to talk with my scalp about the road he was headed down.

"There is nothing ahead of you but a life of every-other-day washes and hairdos that never last longer than nine hours," we said, tearful and in unison.  "Is that really what you want out of life?  We just can't watch you do that to yourself!"

"BUT YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!" my scalp screamed, collapsing to the ground.

We all broke down into a huddle on my bathroom floor, sobbed for a while, and proceeded to plan a rehabilitation schedule.  I can now only wash my hair once a week.  Which is difficult, since it's oily by the end of day one.  Just to give you an idea of the oil factor I'm dealing with, once my brother made the following comment about the crude oil conflict between the US and the Middle East: "Gas would be really cheap if they just took all the oil out of your hair and turned it into fuel."  Brotherly love at its best, ya'll.

Fast forward the better half of a month and my hair is now... different.  It's obviously still dirty and gross by day three, but not as if I dunked my head into a can of bacon grease like before.  It looks thicker, and my morning bedhead is ultra très chic.  It's making the sexy-messy look I'm obsessed with seem much more achievable.

This begs the question: does all that not-cleaning-your-hair BS actually work??  Please detail your tragic experiences in the comments.

I'll give you an update after another two months of not posting on my blog shampooing, when all of my creative and intellectual motivation are still dead and all I can can think to write about is my scalp.



  1. The fact that you changed your routine of shampooing your scalp every other day to once a week is already showing you the results. I spent all my years of middle school and high school washing my hair every day with shampoo, straightening it, and feeling fabulous about my hair only to have to repeat the same disgusting routine EVERY morning in order to be satisfied. Until I read up on scalp care, so I decided to grim and bear it and not wash my hair with shampoo only once a week.

    I am happy to say that like you, I have also come to terms with having a decently oily scalp that (because of the change I made in my routine) it is no longer as oily as it once was. In my experience, yes, not washing your hair actually did work for me in terms of getting rid of a lot of the excess oil. Now my routine is I will do my hair fully (usually on Monday) then the next 2 days just straighten the ends that have a natural curl after I wake up, then on the fourth day wash my hair with CONDITIONER instead of shampoo on Thursday (which will get rid of a lot of the excess, unwanted oil and then give your hair a "boost" in that ~clean~ feeling) and then repeat the 2 day period of straightening ends again if i'm not going out on Friday or the weekend; but if I AM going out, I will shampoo that night on Friday so in case I happen to not come home Friday night I will at least not have a ton of oil built up by then. If I'm not going out, I will just leave it alone and not even wash it PERIOD (just rinse with water in the shower) over the weekend and then start again with shampooing on Monday. You can obviously swap straightening with whatever styling you do to your hair you want, I just so happen to be straightening mine lately since its quick and easy for university.

    Now I love my hair and my hair loves me. No more itchiness after shampooing, no more waking up on Tuesday mornings with enough oil to fill up a gas tank, and no more worry about the health of my scalp. I hope your journey with your scalp will turn out as good as mine has! I've been a reduced shampooer for over a year now and I'll NEVER go back. :)

  2. WOAH. Your hair should write a book! thanks for the insight!

  3. I used to be a chronic daily shampoo-er. I heard this is bad for your hair, so I started an every other day routine. I then heard this, too, is bad for your hair and you should *really* only wash your hair once a week to maintain maximum hair health. My stylist insists that hair only produces as much oil as it needs and you can train it into producing less by shampooing less. I now shampoo once every 5-7 days and all is fairly good in my hairy world (we'll just not discuss my stress-induced hair loss). Sometimes I intervene with a dry shampoo, but not too often. I think your hair is looking amazing btw!

  4. I only wash mine every 3-4 days and it took a good few months to work up to that. Since moving to Wilmington none of my shampoos or conditioners were working and I was getting flaky scalp and heinously dry ends (which I worked DAMN hard to nurture after a desperate six-inch chop). It occurred to me that the water here smells like chlorine every day (instead of that one week flush they do in Greenville) so I bought a filtering shower head for $17. Jason, I shit you not, two washes later it's like a new head of hair.

  5. Wow, thank you Valerie, i will def try a shower head filter, my scalp has been mad dry for a while now. I wash my hair every 5 days, i cannot stand it beyond that point but i will be a dirty bitch if i ain't leavin the house on day 5, 6 and even pushed 7. I alternate with head and shoulders *sigh* I tried organic stuff and it turns out, i have sudden fits when i can't comb my hair with my fingers. Im sure there is organic shampoo's that are fine but i have yet to find them. I sometimes put tea tree oil in my shampoo when i am not using the H&S. I am now trying Dr Bronners Peppermint Castil Soap, it leaves my hair feel/smell minty fresh, its actually quite nice. It is a very versatile and organic soap. I love smelling like peppermint and also lemons. I also only shampoo my scalp and condition the rest. I find i get less split ends and have less hair loss. Alot of people are experiencing dry scalp aka psoriasis, it may be the fluoride in the water or everything else that is literally in it. Oh yeah, i also tried that tar shampoo, eow, you will understand a new scent that comes along with being elderly :( no bueno. It didn't work for me, just dried my scalp even more.

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  7. I wash my hair every two days and I sincerely admire you for lasting whole week! My head gets awfully itchy by the end of the day three. I'm persuaded that there must be some sort of balance between using a lot of products and not washing your hair at all... At least I hope that the balance can be managed since I tried not to wash my hair and failed immensely. I usually ended up with my head all oily and messy and with fluffy split-ends which were too far from my head to be reached by "natural oil" (that sexy cocker spaniel look). So.. I got fed up and cut my waist-long hair last month; now it's from 1 to 10 cm long which solved the oily-and-dry-at-the-same-time problem (well my scalp probably still suffers but it's not as obvious as it used to be) but on the other hand my hair now tend to.. stick up in all directions. It looks quite underground, really. To sum it up: I just cowardly escaped my problem instead of solving it properly and have no relevant advice to help solving yours, which make this post a little bit pointless. Sorry. And as English is not my first language I have no idea wether I'm at least sligtly understandable.. sorry for that too.. xoxo
    PS: I just spent 10min staring at your picture. You have like the greenest eyes I have ever seen! So green! O_o Utterly lovely of course :) xoxo
    (Sorry for removing previous post. My eyes were bleeding from all the mistypes)

  8. try the no poo method! http://www.wholesweethome.com/?p=57

    love the photo btw :)

  9. I tried that once too! It worked great. I just used some baking soda on it like once a week, and sometimes a little apple cider vinegar, and it was awesome!!! My hair looked thick and rich and not greasy at all--it balanced itself out.

    Also, you look gorgeous in that picture. Just so you know.

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  11. hi jason! i don't know if you've heard of him, but check out danila kovalev. dude looks like a blonde you. you're both gorgeous! :D


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