October 4, 2013

Wrecking everyone's balls...

I don't care much about Miley Cyrus or her sexual expression or her blaxploitation, because none of those things directly affect my life and I'm sure she'll get her shit together eventually.  I simply want to point out that there are better examples of people crying into cameras.  That's it.  That's my only agenda.  No feminist, culturally appropriated rants to be found. I am not sorry for the disappointment.

First up, Janelle Monae in her video for Cold War.  She filmed the first take, and because it was so emotionally raw she and her team decided to use it as the final video. Note: seriously on point & creative lip sync, powerful lyrics, real tears, spider lashes.

Second, there's Sinéad O'Connor classic "Nothing Compares 2 U", which is hilariously relevant because Sinéad recently wrote Miley an open letter about... stuff, after Miley cited the video as inspiration.  What a coinkydink!. Note: emotional stare downs, legitimate bad-ass buzz cut, perfected no-makeup makeup, obligatory cemetery fades.

Now there's this. The "director's cut" (aka "Terry Richardson's butt") of "Wrecking Ball". Note: pre-lubed eye sockets, blinding white background, awkward hand-to-face motions, uninspired lipsync. I'm sorry my dear - sashay, away.


Speak your mind! *muah*